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Maintaining over 1000 pics of individual burl blanks in our Retail Store - for your shopping pleasure.     

Always The Best Quality, Friendly Service & Fast Shipping.  

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Ironwood Burl Availability

As Ironwood burl becomes more scarce we recommend placing a custom order. 

Unique Ironwood Burl Blanks

Figured Ironwood Handle Blanks 
"Best Quality Anywhere"

Wide Range of ADI Turning Blanks

Boards & Bowl Blanks

Top Quality Stabilized Black Ash Burl

Home of the 
Ironwood Billy

A Fist Full of Power!

Stabilized Burls

Custom Burl Milling.  Please contact us with your size and quantity desired.  

Beautiful Stabilized Camel Bone in Multi-Colors



"My goal is to provide the very best quality wood blanks anywhere.. 


For assistance, wholesale, production or custom milling please contact us at 520-647-3453 or email.

Problems ordering?  Or question?  contact a manager: Office Hilary, Jake. Jimmy or Robert


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NOTE ON STABILIZING: Our stabilized and dyed woods are completely impregnated with monomers and acrylics to produce an extremely stable and dense wood.  Our stabilizing will minimize or totally eliminate shrinking, cracking, expanding and warping - through any climate change.  


Check out our Online retail store where you can shop for unique blanks: just like at the show.



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