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Need custom milled blanks?  Give us your dimensions and figure quality and we'll blank it the way you need it.  Or buy large slabs and mill it yourself.


About Desert Ironwood

Desert Ironwood is one of the most beautiful and sought after woods in the world, and an all time favorite for custom knife makers. It has a very durable, tight grained figure, with a specific gravity of 1.2, making it one of densest and most stable woods on earth. It is so dense that it will not float in water, and so hard that it has been used for bearings, but it does work well using sharp sanding/cutting tools. Ironwood does not splinter when shaping and it holds a great translucent finish.

Tips for Working and Finishing Ironwood

For a mirror finish, be sure to use your sand paper grits wisely so not to overheat and warp the wood. For example, start with 100 grit and work your way down to 340, etc. We do our best to sell clear materials, but if you run into any hairline checks when working the ironwood, I recommend bridging with super thin CA, ideally gluing at the 100 grit stage of sanding so you can sand off dry glue with ease. Once you get a smooth 320 or 500 grit finish, I buff on a hard cotton wheel using 2000 grit green chrome to a polish. You are done.



  • We are the premier supplier of Desert Ironwood and have many sizes and discounts for volume orders.  Our small team can custom mill your size and figure quality upon your phone call or email, and can usually have it ready to ship within a day or two.

  • Contact us anytime to discuss a purchase that meets your budget and needs.

Below are sample photos that you can expect when purchasing our standard stock Desert Ironwood: Available for wholesale, resale and factory.



Stock Ironwood finish products:





Full list of stock Ironwood BEST DEALS, some with quantity discounts .  Click on the size to be directed to buy page or contact us by phone: 52.647.3453





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