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The Ironwood Billy
The Ultimate Natural Baton

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Unique and distinguished, this hand finished genuine Arizona Desert Ironwood Billy Club is a serious battle tool and a high quality gift item. Designed to offer the ultimate grip, stability and impact.  A traditional style baton with grenade handle.  Made from the finest and strongest Arizona desert ironwood.  

These batons are individually hand crafted. Each Baton will be slightly different in detail, and comes in a variation of colors as depicted in the baton images. One of the major draws to desert ironwood is its weight and rich chatoyant luster.

Baton sizes grow increasingly affective in length: from the compact 12" close quarter combat Billy to the professional 18" Billy (Longer sizes are offered when available). The Billy weighs approx. 1.25 oz per inch and is approximately 1 3/8 thick!

For a limited time, buy 5 Billys and get one of equal value free! Must call in your order for special offer.

Also available for resale/wholesale.

Ships out same day or within 48 hours when in stock and guaranteed to your shipping address. 

Size Availability
12" Billy $45 ea.  
14" Billy $55 ea.
16" Billy $65 ea
18" Billy  "Limited" $85 ea.
20" Billy  "Pro Limited" $100 ea.
24 - 26"  "Professional Limited Billy " Call for availability

For wholesale pricing please contact Robert Bradley at 602-283-4007 or email:

More about the Billy:  

  • The United States Department of Defense and Law Enforcement Officers from the US, UK and Canada select the Ironwood Billy as a highly functional natural baton. 
  • If the finish on your Billy fades, we recommend light re-sanding with 500 to 1000 grit, then rub in Brown Kiwi Shoe Polish and wipe clean, or better yet, buff and polish.  

  • Thank you for dropping by, we hope ADI and our products are of value to you.  Be sure to bookmark us so you can return in the future. Also, tell your friends about our desert ironwood batons, and if you have a web site, please consider linking to the Ironwood Billy page:

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The Ironwood Billy is Trade Mark Protected & Patent Pending: exclusively made by Arizona Ironwood LLC, the desert ironwood specialists.


  • "Robert, I received my billy yesterday and am extremely pleased with it.  The quality is outstanding and you chose a beautiful dark grain for me, just as I requested.  And I was  correct in my thinking that the 14" would be the best for me.  It is.  I am so pleased with the entire process and will be a future customer." (Lou S - NY)

  • "Dear ADI, I've been looking for a special Baton for years and your Ironwood Billy takes the cake by far. I'm going to order a few more for special gifts this Christmas. P.S. Your prices are terrific. I hope they last." ( Dean - AZ)

  • "Thanks for your 12" Ironwood Billy. I just received my 22" Billy and absolutely love it!  Thanks for selecting the lighter color.  Very satisfied!!" (Jerry C - NYPD)

  • "Hello Robert, you were right about the 18" club and I'm glad I got this length. I used the club yesterday on the boat and just as you mentioned, I can knock out the tuna with much less effort. This club really packs a wallop." (Jeff - MI)

  • "Your ironwood Billy has made a big impression with the chief.  The 14" is perfect for our close quarter situations and  we'll be placing an order for 20 more come December. Let me know if you turn custom clubs. I have a special one that would feel great in Ironwood. Thanks for your extra attention on the order and for the free batons." (David C Sr - PPD)

  • "That long Stick is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.  It is also heavier then I thought it would be.  I was shocked when I held it for the first time.  Thanks again!!!!" (Jason 9-06)

  • "I received my Ironwood Billy today, and it is just what I needed and requested.  I'm incredibly impressed with the quality of the material and the workmanship.  Thank you very much. My fellow Officers are very impressed as well, and more business is headed your way." (Nathan Patterson - WA)
  • "Robert, I just received the 20" billy. It is beautiful. It was worth the wait. There are just a couple of things that I wanted to share with you. First: The guy that introduced me to the Ironwood Billy is named Tom McMeekin. He, like myself, is a police officer in Atlantic City. He was killed in the line of duty on March 4th. He was always into innovative ideas and your product fit into this category. He turned me and a bunch of other guys on to the ironwood Billy. I will continue to spread the word.
    Second: if you wish to learn more about him you can go to Check it out, after all he made sure that we checked out Thanks" (Scott).

  • "Hello Bob, I have never been impressed enough with a product to actually sit down and write the manufacturer about it. The wood that this baton is made of is unlike any wood I have ever seen before. I've purchased other exotics and ironwoods that claim to be translucent or chatoyant; however, your desert ironwood is clearly hands down the most translucent of all my wooden products. I also like the thickness, weight and feel of this baton. As I understand, desert ironwood is banned from cutting now. How long do you think your supply will last? I'm sure you'll be getting more orders from the men in my department soon. Do you offer quantity discounts? Thank you for the excellent product and quick shipping." ( Sgt J Miller - CA)

  • "Robert: The baton arrived today. It exceeded all of my expectations. The colors, finish etc. are outstanding. I would like to order several blocks of Ironwood to use as is for bookends. If this is possible let me know and I will place an order. Thanks." ( Mike D)

  • "Last week I received my desert ironwood 14" baton and wish to say thank you for your terrific product. As an officer, I use my weapons only when necessary. Last night in a crowded night club I had to subdue a large man who was violently out of control. As a last resort I struck the man at his abdomen and he immediately when down. While he caught his breath I arrested him without any further resistance. I will keep the Ironwood Billy on my side from now on." ( SGT Johnson - NJ)

  • "Hello, the Ironwood batons arrived today and I just want to say that these clubs are the most functional I have ever encountered, and I've been on the Royal Force now for over 20 years. The new style batons out on the market seem to bounce right off with little impact. I could tell instantly that your batons are much more serious, even the small 12 incher. The quality is outstanding." ( Robert - UK)


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